4 Cool Decks at Pro Tour Ixalan

by Chapman Sim on 10 November 2017, Friday

Chapman Sim


4 Cool Decks at Pro Tour Ixalan

As you read this, I am in Shanghai getting ready to provide text coverage for Grand Prix Shanghai. As part of my preparation process (and also because I love looking at decklists), I mulled through many of the top performing decks of the weekend.

While many were energy-based decks and Ramunap Red, a few others stood out and stood up against the competition. Here are four of the decks which I found really interesting and I would like to share them with you in case you missed out.




#1: Mono White Vampires


Mavren Fein, Dusk Apostle



Hunter Wilson went 9-1 in the Standard portion with this beauty and it was sweet to see Adanto VanguardMavren Fein, Dusk Apostle, and Squadron Hawk Legion Conquistador see play!


Oketra's Monument Aviary Mechanic

It also brings back the combo of Aviary Mechanic and Oketra's Monument, which is excellent against the sea of Temur Energy.


Legion's Landing Ixalan's Binding

Legion's Landing is one of the best cards to come out of Ixalan and it will transform quite easily in this deck, which will create a stream of tokens against the grindiest of decks. Control decks pretty much fold to it, barring an unchecked The Scarab God, which is why it also runs Cast Out and Ixalan's Binding to shut it out.

If midrange decks prevail in upcoming weeks, you might want to make this metagame call.




#2: White-Green Aggro



I've looked forward to the day where Adorned Pouncer can be great and this shell does a great job at housing the cat.


Sacred Cat Adorned Pouncer Resilient Khenra

I have to admit that the main deck looks rather random and it is not truly an aggro deck (and certainly not the fastest), but the beauty of the deck lies in its ability to transform into a midrange / control deck with Dusk // DawnFumigate, and Hour of Revelation.

This key feature is probably the biggest strength of Eduardo Vieira's deck and I'm sure it has caught a lot of opponents off-guard. Sweeping the board and bringing back a 4/4 doublestriker is quite a good play. Oketra the True and Aethersphere Harvester also survive the wrath effects.

I believe that this deck has a lot of room for exploring and it can become a truly great strategy to exploit certain types of metagames. It's also quite decent against Ramunap Red while having a solid game plan against midrange and control.

#3: Blue-Green Pummeler



Electrostatic Pummeler One with the End Dive Down


My buddy Patty always shows up with a really cool deck and I've already badgered him to write an article about it. While pointing Larger Than Life at Electrostatic Pummeler might not be new, pasting One with the Wind on it and then protecting it with Dive Down might be! Together with Blossoming Defense, that is quite a lot of protection for an otherwise brittle creature in a world of Abrades.

I don't quite understand how to play this deck yet so we'll have to wait for Patrick Dickmann's article next week. By the way, he went 7-1-2 at Pro Tour Ixalan, which is an admirable result for such a unique home brew.


#4: Grixis Control


Hour of Devastation The Scarab God


My favorite card in the format is The Scarab God and I believe I will be playing a blue-black based control deck for the rest of 2017 (looks like Robin Dolar's doing that too). However, Shaheen Soorani had a list which I really liked so it is nice to have some options.

Hour of Devastation is quite good against the slow energy decks and it is even better against those who slow themselves down even more to support The Scarab God. Splashing for Harnessed Lightning enables you to use all the lines of text from Glimmer of Genius and makes playing with Aether Hub worth the trouble. 


Also, hurrah for the addition of Dark Intimations!


Dark Intimations


With that comes to the end of my article and I believe you'll see some of these decks floating around the tables if you're at any of the Grand Prix. Good luck to everyone competing this weekend! And even if you're not, you could try building one or two of these decks and bring it to your store events. I'm sure it is a lot more fun than playing Temur Energy!

The Traveling Philosopher,
Chapman Sim

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