Lazav the Multifarious in 1v1 Commander

by Andreas Petersen on 14 November 2018, Wednesday

Andreas Petersen

Hello everyone and welcome to my newest video series. Last time you saw me play five sweet matches of Vintage, and today we have some 1v1 Commander action on our hands!

What is 1v1 Commander?

1v1 Commander is a Magic Online only format where each player chooses a legendary creature as their Commander. This creature will be visible and playable from your Command Zone throughout the game, and every time it dies, gets countered or exiled, it will return to your Command Zone where it now costs two more generic mana to cast.  You then have to build a 99 card deck with lands, artifacts and spells in the Commander's color identity. In this format each player starts the game with 30 life points, meaning that aggressive strategies are harder to pull off. Usually you want to play strong individual cards and cards that synergize well with your Commander.

In this League I chose to play Lazav, the Multifarious because I felt like doing something broken. As I mention in the video, this was my first experience with the deck because I felt like learning while recording would be a lot of fun.

Lazav's Best Buddies - Phyrexian DreadnoughtMox Amber

Because of Lazav's activated ability, Phyrexian Dreadnought becomes a powerhouse and its' cheap casting cost means Mox Amber is premium mana acceleration. I also added a small Trinket Mage package to help find the 'Nought in desperate times.

Combo Cards - Buried AliveNecrotic OozePhyrexian DevourerWalking BallistaEntombGriselbrand

Aside from 12/12 beatdown this deck plans to win either by reanimating a Griselbrand or resolving a Buried Alive putting the three best friends Phyrexian DevourerWalking Ballista and Necrotic Ooze into the graveyard and then reanimating the Ooze. Necrotic Ooze now has the activated abilities of both creatures and you can ping down your opponent.

Consistency Cards - PreordainPonderBrainstormMystical Tutor, Imperial Seal, Demonic TutorIntuition 

In a singleton format you need these cards to provide the consistency needed to pull off your combos. Entomb and Buried Alive are the most frequent tutor targets while Snapcaster Mage and Mission Briefing allow Intuition to function as a tutor as well.

Protection Cards - FlusterstormDispelMisdirection

Aside from the interaction you would expect out of a Blue-Black combo deck, 1-mana discard spells and the absolute best countermagic like Mana Drain and Force of Will, this deck is packing cheap backup cards that the other Blue decks in the format aren't running to optimize your chances of forcing through the win. You want to use your life total as a resource, resolve Buried Alive and reanimate your Ooze. Flusterstorm, Dispel, Misdirectionand the similar cards help you achieve that.

Maybe you play Commander in real life, maybe you play 1v1 Commander on Magic Online or maybe you never shuffled a 99-card deck before. Either way, I can guarantee that this format is super exciting and that the videos show that. I have another Commander video ready in the near future where you get to see a more controlling deck in action.

Let the games begin and don’t forget to check out the decklist below!

(I once again apologize for the sudden change of audio at various points in the videos. I have bought a new microphone and changed some settings to make sure it will not happen in the future.)

Andreas Petersen's 1v1 Lazav (Commander - Others)

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