The Hapless Research provides a light-hearted review of the highlights of Ixalan!
Everyone loves Dinosaurs, right? Here are Ixalan's seven most promising ones!
Lee Shi Tian begins preparation work and examines the Pirates decks in upcoming Standard.
Iconic Masters is laden with juicy reprints, great for filling out your Commander decks!
Martin Dang makes the Top 8 of Denmark Nationals and shares his White-Green Ramp list!
Continuing with his two-part series, Zen Takahashi updates Standard decks with Ixalan cards!
Zen Takahashi updates the top Standard decks with new Ixalan cards!
Lee Shi Tian offers some early insight on the upcoming state of Standard!
Even without the full spoiler being out, Ixalan is looking very exciting with these reprints!
Felix Leong explains the concept of the mana curve in Limited formats.
Control players out there! Taigam, Sidisi's Hand is a perfect card selection and killing machine!
Justin Robb runs through the state of Standard at the moment and provides some tips for Nationals.
Let's explore the new mana bases of Standard after the rotation together with Chapman Sim.
Lee Shi Tian breaks down the similarities and differences between different builds of GPG!
With so many Ixalan cards being previewed, what possible interactions could arise in Standard?

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